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   The challenge in doing this is twofold...1. The GEOMETRY problem. Looking at the cart from the side, any lowering mechanism has to be a parallelogram. There is on the market what I call a hardware store kit. It consists of flat metal and 3 bolts at each corner of the cart, and uses the factory roof supports. It lowers the roof about 6-8". The problem with this is exactly that darned geometry thing. The ONLY way that this works without something bending, is if all four of the roof supports are parallel to begin. For example, if the front roof supports angle back at a 20 degree angle, and the rears are straight, something has to move and it is lowered. And, that's not the worst use of these. I see where they are listed for 2014 and newer EZGO TXT models. That is a double error. First is the problem listed above, but even worse, those models of carts have front roof supports that angle inward as they are mounted on the outside of the body.  When you hinge that and fold it rearward, they are closer together. Considering that the roof is mounted by 2 bolts through the plastic roof, you have a recipe for tearing holes in your roof at the mounting points.


   The second challenge is the number of different rear seat kits on the market. Why is that??? Well, there has to be a place to attach the rear lower mount. I have had several versions of lower rear mounts. The problem is that I don't have a way to get every model of cart with each different seat on them to manufacture a mount for that specific combination. I try to make this as user friendly as I can, but it's a challenge. The user is required to drill 2 holes on each side of the cart. The thing that is a must, is that the seat kit has a metal tube that extends the width of the cart between the seat backs. 

   If you purchase a seat kit, READ all of the instructions, and know that you have my contact. I will try my best to solve any mounting issue that may arise. Thank you, and happy lowering!