Store or haul your cart when you only have 50+ inches of room.

As of March 23, this business has a new owner. G.O.B. Motorsports in the Chicago area has purchased and picked up inventory, equipment, and the necessary info to manufacture this product. They will be increasing the inventory in the near future. Any information, you can contact them at 630-532-4704. Also, for the time being, I will be available to help with the info needed to enable you to purchase a folding roof kit from them. I appreciate my customers, and I will continue to see some of you at the track. Thanks

Our kit is the only kit on the market that allows you to retain your factory golf cart roof and full folding windshield while having the ability to quickly lower your roof 20 inches to store or transport your cart. Designed in late 2014, we have been hauling our carts in the loft of our stacker trailer. The cloth tops and sport windshields solve the height problem, but you won't have a full windshield to keep you dry when the rain starts. Look around at the drag races, and chances are that you will find someone who is a happy customer.